Selling your home is a whole new adventure when compared to the home buying process.  How do you put your home on the market?  How much do you list it for?  How do you make your home look appealing?  We have put together this easy to follow 10 step list to answer all of your questions and help you sell your home.

1. Find a Real Estate Agent

The very first thing you need to do when selling your home is to find a Seller’s Agent.  The Sandi Meisse Team is well versed in the process of selling homes, and can guide you along the journey from start to finish.  Our trusted agents can help you determine the best time to put your house on the market and determine an appropriate asking price.  They can also list your home on the MLS system, a national list of all real estate properties available for sale.  This is the most reliable service to receive up to date listing information, and where your potential buyers will most likely get their first glimpse of your home.

2. Determine the List Price for Your Home

The List Price of your home is determined based on many factors, including the location, curb appeal, safety, square footage, number of rooms, updated appliances, school district, mortgage interest rate, time of year, the supply and demand for homes in the area, and how other similar properties in the area have sold. It is best to check with your agent to have a Comparative Market Analysis (or CMA for short) completed.  Then, based off of the results of the CMA, your agent can help you to set a competitive asking price.

3. Set a Home-Selling Timeline

Think of your home-selling time line a To-Do list to be completed before putting your home on the market.  In steps 4-6, we will talk in more detail about some of the thing you need to prepare before listing your home.  When thinking about your home-selling timeline, take into consideration the time to make repairs to your home and create a fantastic first impression for potential buyers.

4. Consider Getting a Home Inspection Before Listing

Having a home inspection prior to listing your home will identify any miscellaneous issues that are not openly apparent in your home.  When a potential buyer puts an offer on your home, they will complete an inspection on their own.  If items are found in the buyer’s inspection, the buyer may use the required repairs to create closing contingencies.  By ensuring that all issues have been addressed prior to listing your property on the market, you ensure that you will receive as close to asking price as possible.

5. Prep for Home Sale

There are many steps to preparing your home for sale.  Think of all of the potential buyers that are going to eventually be touring your home.  When you are preparing, keep in mind that you want to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.  This is the time you will want to reorganize your home and show off the features that will set your home apart from other homes on the market.  This is also a great time to declutter.  (Bonus:  It will be much easier to pack up your things when it’s time to move out when you’ve already done the prep work!)

6. Stage Your Home

Following your reorganization, you may want to consider staging your home, or hiring a staging agency to stage your home for you.  In doing so, you will be able to show off the ample space your home has to offer as well as the many purposed your rooms can serve.  Having your home staged is also a great tool to utilize when taking photos of your home to post with the listing on the MLS.  As many buyers often use the MLS system to research potential purchases, having great photos of your home is key.  Professional staging companies are great at ensuring your first impression are lasting impressions.

7. List Your House on the Market

Your Agent can help you with listing your house on the market.  In writing your listing, you will want to use creative adjectives to describe the beauty that is your home.  For example, when listing your home that is located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, you may want to title your listing as “Stunning 3-Bedroom Home with Scenic Mountain Views”.  Your listing is where you get to highlight all of the best features of your home.  Be sure to name drop- if you have top notch appliances, list their brands.  If your roof is brand new, make it known.  Your agent can assist with making sure your listing is an appropriate length, contains the most imperative information, and glamorizes your property as best as possible.

8. Show your Home

This is where the potential buyers get to come for an in-person tour of your home.  Your Agent may opt to hold an open house.  An open house is a special event that allows potential buyers to come to your home to take a tour, review the listing, and ask the Seller’s Agent any questions they may have about your property.  Additionally, a Buyer’s Agent may contact you or your Seller’s Agent to schedule independent walk throughs of your home.  For any and all of these events, it is important to present your home in its best form.  Be sure to have your home neat, tidy and staged for these events.

9. Review and Negotiate Offers

After attending a showing of your home, buyers will then begin to make offers on your home.  When a buyer makes an offer, you and your Agent will be notified.  When a buyer makes you an offer, you have three options- you can decline the offer, make a counteroffer, or accept the offer.  If you deny their offer, the buyer will either withdraw their offer or make a new offer.  Similarly, a seller can make a counteroffer if the buyer’s original offer is too low.

10. Accept Offer and Close the Sale

After you have negotiated the offers made on your home, you will choose an offer to accept.  The accepted offer is usually not the same as the original listing price.  However, the amount you have accepted is the amount of money being paid for the property by the buyer and/or the buyer’s mortgage lender.  Once the offer has been accepted, you will then attend the closing.  This is the final meeting where the buyer and seller sign all necessary paperwork, complete the transaction, and release/ take possession of the property.  This is usually done in the presence of both the buyer and seller’s Real Estate Agents and the buyer and seller’s attorneys.  Once all official paperwork is completed- VOILA!  You have sold your home!

If you have any questions about selling your home, or wish to set up a meeting with one of the member of the Sandi Meisse Team to get started on your home selling journey, give us a call at 570-402-8536.