Closing the Deal

This is nearing the end of the work in buying a home. We will have the Title Insurance Company or Attorney contact you to arrange an appointment that works for you. You should budget a good hour to review and complete the paperwork at the closing.

It is not mandatory to have an attorney represent you during your transaction in Pennsylvania however some people just feel better having one. The attorneys we recommend to our clients are focused on real estate. The service they provide has been second to none and we are happy to have a relationship with them in real estate transactions. Whichever firm you use, please ensure you use an attorney who focuses on real estate, not criminal law or divorces, etc., in Pennsylvania. You are far better off dealing with someone who knows real estate inside and out.

Before you do the paperwork, we will arrange for you to do a walk through of the home just prior to closing. This is to ensure that any of the goods include in the deal (such as appliances) are still in the home and working as they did when you first viewed the home. We also want to ensure the general condition of the home is similar to when you first viewed it.

THE FINAL STEP is closing day. This is the best part of all because this is the day we get to hand over the keys to your new home. You can now move in and start the next stage of your life.